What to Expect:


An initial email or telephone call to discuss whether psychological therapy may be suitable and of benefit to you. This is free of charge. 


A first consultation appointment of 90 minutes for a discussion that will include a thorough assessment of the current difficulties as they are, key life events and a history of the problem (when it started etc). By the end of the first appointment it is hoped that there is enough of a shared understanding of the difficulty to inform the desired nature and length of therapy along with a tentative action plan required for resolving the issue. Initial consultation will involve establishing the therapeutic contract and completion of some standardised therapeutic questionnaires.  It may be that this initial consultation is enough for someone to have a better understanding of their difficulty and this is sufficient for them at the current time. There is no obligation to proceed with therapy if you have this first initial consultation appointment. 

After the first session, sessions are 50 minutes. It is advised sessions are weekly however regularity can be arranged according to a frequency that is preferable to you and your needs. 

Friends or family attending individual therapy sessions is not allowed as this is considered to impede the therapy process.

The importance of someone being seen as quickly as possible when they are in distress and seeking help is appreciated therefore an initial appointment is attempted as soon as possible from initial contact. 



£100  Initial Consultation 

£100  Face to Face appointments


£95   Face to face appointments per hour

£85   Online/skype supervision sessions


Required in advance, or at the time of the sessions with the following methods: 

  • Bank Transfer/BACS

  • Debit/credit card 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations need to be made 24 hours or more, in advance.

Any cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled session will be charged at half the appointment fee.

Not attending without any cancellation notification will also be charged at the full appointment fee.


Timescales and fees are agreed on an individual instruction basis. Please make direct contact either by telephone, contact form or email for any queries. 


Fees for training are determined by the form and nature of training desired. Please make direct contact by telephone, contact form or email for any queries.